Recognition of the Beauty Industry by SSETA

Employment in South Africa is in crisis, with rising unemployment statistics year after year. The youth of today face an uncertain future as it is not guaranteed that they will find employment even after graduating with a qualification. Large-scale industry is seeing a marked decline. Globally the beauty and wellness industry is described as a multi-billion dollar industry with a growth trend demonstrated even in South Africa.

In the beauty industry, several designations are described as scarce skills by Services SETA. These include; qualified hairdressers, nail technologists, massage therapists and beauty therapists. These scarce skills are identified by industry as not having enough suitably qualified individuals to fill the current positions. This opens the opportunity not only for employment but also possible business ventures for entrepreneurs in this industry.

A Services SETA accredited qualification ensures that the qualification you have is recognised throughout South Africa. However job opportunities are not just found within our borders, an internationally qualified individual can work in over 300 countries worldwide. There are opportunities to work in 5-star hotels and resorts, onboard luxury cruise liners and in the top salons and spas of the world.

The beauty industry is very favourable to young entrepreneurs as there are limited barriers to opening your own business. With a relatively small capital outlay, one can begin a business and expand upon it as your clientele grows. Hydro International College has a strong entrepreneurial focus and business skills are taught within all our various programmes. This equips an individual with the necessary skills to become a successful business owner, but with so many employment opportunities it is ideal to gain experience.

If you are interested in studying beauty you must ensure that your chosen institution is accredited with the relevant ETQA (Education and Training Quality Assurance) Body, such as Services SETA and registered with the Department of Education. 

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