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Dedicated to Teaching. Inspired by the Art of Beauty.

The cosmetology industry has seen substantial growth all around the globe. As beauty consciousness trends, regardless of demographic or destination, the demand for skilled therapists grows. The Hydro International College is advantageously positioned at the centre of this industry and is intent on providing the very best education and facilitation to learners.
We offer a diverse and ever-expanding full time, part time and modular courses. Our aim is to stay up-to-date with industry demands, whilst enabling learners to enter into programmes suited to their aptitude and abilities. We provide comprehensive training to ensure learners are fully equipped and ready to embark on a fulfilling career within the flourishing beauty industry.

Beyond Skin-Deep:

Our Core Values

Commitment to Learner Development

The total care of our students is a prime consideration for us, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure that all accommodation, safety and the general well-being of our students is the highest priority to us.
We encourage our students to excel by providing an inspiring and supportive learning environment. The college develops qualification specific learning material that is learner focused and outcomes-based, ensuring learners achieve and apply each unit standard.

Driving Career Opportunities

The college prides itself on its educational and hands-on courses and programmes. Our in-depth and training ensures job opportunities for the learners, not just locally but in many exciting countries throughout the world.
With a strong entrepreneurial focus forming part of our training, many of the college graduates have successfully opened their own businesses. Our skills training is linked to SETA accredited unit standards and learners are uploaded against achieved Unit Standards allowing national recognition of their learning and articulation into full qualifications.

Dedicated to Empowerment

The Hydro International College is passionate about empowering the youth of South Africa and is an ardent advocate for entrepreneurship, especially among women. In our inspiring and supportive environment, we encourage our students to attain their best professionally and personally.

Innovative Teaching Practices

The college develops qualification specific learning material that is learner-focused and outcomes-based ensuring learners achieve and apply each unit standards with ease and understanding. Experiential training is critical in developing learner’s workplace skills providing them with a critical advantage when entering into the employment market.

Qualified & Compassionate Facilitators

Under the guidance and tutorship of qualified mentors, the learner is encouraged within a safe working environment. We teach our learners about various retail products and focus on developing client relations and people skills, as well as providing instruction on performing a range of treatments.
Our educators’ train and guide students as they apply their knowledge and techniques within a real-life setting, ideal for developing competitive workplace skills. We provide experiential learning under the mentorship of a qualified therapist at our fully functional in-house salon.

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