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Hairdressing: There aren’t enough hairdressers in the world

As the world population increases, so does the pressure on the service sectors which has resulted in an increased demand for the skills needed to meet the population’s needs. For instance, hairdressing has become a skill whose demand has grown over the years and according to Career Explorer, the hairdresser job market is expected to grow by 13.0% between 2016 and 2026. .What is a hairdresser? A hairdresser is a person who’s occupation is to cut/style hair in order to maintain a person’s image...

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Massages: Employ your hands and your heart

Massages have always played an integral part in cultivating one’s quality of life, with such a wide variety of health benefits ranging from treating disorders to positively attributing to mental health wellness. This art form has such a rich history, that has managed to stay consistent over the years even though the teachings have been adopted by many different cultures. Massages have been gaining popularity over all the years as people realize the continued health benefits of the practices....

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Hairdressing: Hair tips, no matter the season!

Lets talk hairdressing... As you may have noticed, the change of season can be so brutal to your hair. So getting your hair routine right can get a little tricky when you aren’t really sure what steps to follow and especially when there are so many different options for all hair types. So what are the different hair types we speak of?      Hair can be broadly categorized under the following types: straight wavy curly kinky All these hair types have their pro’s and con’s, but all haircare...

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Career Orientation Day at Hydro!

You’ve probably decided that you want a career in beauty, but you’re not sure what’s what in the industry?...We are going to be hosting a series of orientation day’s starting on the 13th of February 2021 from 10am. These sessions are aimed at answering any burning questions you may have about the following: The different causes on our catalogue The length of the different courses and at what pace you can complete them The enrolment requirements The types of certification that comes with the...

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