Booking a colour appointment? We’ve got ideas for you. “New year, new me” might be tired, but you know what isn’t? A hair makeover. And there’s no shortage of cool hair colour trends to try right now. While the biggest colour trends of the past two years were all about natural, pretty takes on super-low-maintenance colour, like un-done blonde and cinnamon brown shades.


Leading experts predict 2022 is going to be all about having fun as life starts to return to normal, well, we hope. 

That doesn’t mean you have to dye your hair pink. Rather, there are plenty of unexpected twists and tales on classic hair colour ideas that are trending as well. Why ask for basic highlights when you can order up caramel ribbons or silver champagne? Some of the world’s top experts have emphasised on the best hair colour trends to try right now, from vintage blonde to bright blue. Here’s what to consider for your next appointment.

  • Over the past year we’ve seen many blonde celebs like Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber trade in their blonde for a pretty brown hair colour, and we expect to see more following in their footsteps for 2022. Brunette colours is all about giving deeper hair energy, dimension, and detail, it’s all too easy when going for a darker shade of hair colour to apply one tone all over, a similar result to using a box dye at home. But really, I’m of the opinion that as a professional hair colourists’ its forever the responsibility of the hairdresser to give our clients something they could never get at home, and so expensive brunette is all about adding detail and interest with multiple deeper shades to make the result more dimensional and expensive looking.” 
  • If you’re interested in trying out expensive brunette, it’s important to use some specific language at the salon: “The key element to discuss with your hairstylist is that you don’t want one flat colour all over. Expensive brunette is all about depth and dimension, and so you and your colourist should agree on the deepest shade and the lightest shade you want to see in your hair and then allow the colourist to place shades between in a way they see fit to enhance your hair cut.”
  • Most retail clients will be looking at trying out these new modern trends and as a hairdresser, you should look to entice your clients and motivate them to try out these trending looks.
  • Even with the summer upon us starting twenty-twenty with some subtle tweaks will go a long way. One of the ways to start summer would be to encourage clients to go for richer, more dimensional versions of their winter and autumn looks,
  • For blondes, however that may mean adding ribbons of deeper shades of blonde to create more shade-on-shade dimension. This may also include glossing their hair to a deeper, buttery tone or playing with a fashion accent like marigold, peach or apricot. For brunette, adding a gloss to make your colour richer, and adding more amber, gold, and “root beer” tones are great options.
  • Overall, the feeling is warmer, richer, and a more lived-in-looking hair color.” And that should maintain the overall trends that seems to take over.

These are some of the few trends that you can follow, some of them are being coveted by ‘A’ lister celebs in Hollywood, most clients are always on the lookout for these kinds of trends, modern refreshed looks are going to be in demand as always – clients with full social schedules are aware of these latest trends as a hairdresser you should first in line to explore these

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