Cosplay has become a growing art form around the world in all pop cultures. Cosplay involves the process of using costumes, makeup, and hair styling to impersonate fictional characters.

Many Cosplayers with a HEALTH AND SKINCARE / HAIR AND BEAUTY/ HAIDRESSING qualification have exclaimed how having a beauty, make-up and hairstyling background has assisted them in achieving great character design and cosplay outcomes.

It is beneficial to have a sound foundation of knowledge on how to take care of your skin as a Cosplayer, as getting into character requires an advance make-up application and hair styling.

HEALTH AND SKINCARE / HAIR AND BEAUTY experts in the Cosplay community all advise that one should have a proper skincare routine to protect your skin beneath all the make-up and prosthetics. Taking care of the skin ensure a smooth and photo ready base for the make-up application. Preparing the skin before a Cosplay make-up application ensures that the skin is well protected by applying a professional moisturiser and primer. At the end of a day in Cosplay and make-up it is vitally important to remove all the make-up products applied to the skin. This can be achieved with a proper cleansing routine using products specific to an individual’s skin type.

Getting into character in the Cosplay community includes the application of make-up to allow you to resemble the character you are playing as closely as possible. The make-up application can include the use of prosthetics, face and body paint, embellishments, eye liner, lip décor, and many more. A sounds knowledge of make-up application will ease the process of changing into the desired character. HEALTH AND SKINCARE / HAIR AND BEAUTY experts have all given indication that their studies have made a huge impact on their character make-up application when cosplaying.


Having knowledge of hair styling is great to have when adding the finishing touches to a character. Whether you are styling, colouring and changing your own hair or a wig, having hairdressing knowledge is an added advantage. Many cosplayers seek the advise of Cosmetology or Hairdressing experts to complete their look in terms of the hair. The hair also needs to be styled in such a way that the look will last an entire day while performing in Cosplay.

Many HEALTH AND SKINCARE / HAIR AND BEAUTY/ HAIDRESSING Hairdressing experts are available to assist you to achieve character perfections, but having your own knowledge in this area is a power that will make a difference in the long-term.


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