As summer unfolds, and December holidays beckon, it’s the perfect time to delve into the latest trends in summer makeup. The season ushers in an opportunity to channel your inner radiance and embrace creativity. From playful blues reminiscent of the 80s and 90s to the grunge-inspired “rock star girlfriend” look, and the allure of chrome shimmers, the world of summer makeup is bursting with vibrant options.


Blue Hues: The return of the 80s and 90s vibe has brought back the allure of blue eyeshadows. Experiment with funky blue shades and complete the look with a glossy frosted lip gloss. The result is far from the matric farewell makeup of your mothers and grandmothers – it’s a fresh take on a classic trend.


The Grunge Girl: A popular 2024 trend revolves around mastering the “rock star girlfriend” look. Achieve this by creating a smoked-out eye using various shades of black, grey, and dark brown, paired with a nude lip. This look is perfect for those late summer concerts, exuding an edgy yet alluring charm.

    Chrome Shimmers: For those seeking to add a touch of glamour, consider chrome shimmers. Choose a specific feature, such as your eyes or lips, to infuse with shimmer. Apply three chromed shimmery colours that encapsulate the essence of summer. For the rest of your makeup, opt for a natural appearance, including a glowing, velvety foundation, highlight, and bronzer for contouring. Embrace your freckles and even scars and finish the look with a beige or light brown lip gloss or lipstick, complemented by a lipliner for an all-natural effect. Blending is key to achieving this look.


    Pops of Pink: The era of “Barbie-core” has arrived, allowing pink to take centre stage. Explore the spectrum of poppy pastels and neon blush, choosing a shade that complements your skin tone. Elevate the look with a fuchsia lip, and you’re ready to make a bold and vibrant statement.


    Fluffy Brows: Contrary to the thin brows of the 90s, the current trend leans toward “the fluffier, the better.” Grow your brows and enhance their thickness with neutral colours. Don’t forget to keep them neat and tidy, ensuring they are well-shaped and defined.


    Underliner: The under-eye region is where the fun happens this summer. Experiment with undereye details, whether it’s adding rhinestones or a dash of colourful liner. Complement this look with a classic black winged liner on the upper lid, balancing the boldness with elegance.


    Let your summer be a celebration of brightness, vibrancy, and eccentricity through these captivating makeup trends. Embrace the creative possibilities and let your inner sunshine radiate throughout the season.


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