Properly planning the starter bag tends to be very difficult, and to choose the products that will work well for the artist will affect the quality of work. We would like to present in a very simple and accessible way an absolute must have starter bag for every person who is starting out as a beginner eyelash extension artist

A survey to carry out the procedure

The basis for starting work with the client. Thanks to the survey, the customer receives the lash artist as a trustworthy and professional artist and has security and confidence to start working with the client. The survey is conducted together with the client, presenting and analysing any contraindication to the procedure or the situation when the effect may not be maintained or not be satisfactory for the client.

The survey should include information about the procedure:

  • Customer’s personal and contact details
  • Absolute contraindications for the procedure
  • Information about allergies
  • Situations when the lash application may not come out well or will not remain in a good condition (hormonal changes, work in rooms with steam and moisture, etc.)
  • Consent to use images for marketing purposes
  • A brief description of the procedure
  • Additional information from the lash artist (eg. price list)
  • Cleaning foam for eyelashes

Appropriate preparation of eyelashes begins with the client’s eye makeup removal. The best product is Chrissanthie Eyelid & Lash Cleanser with Tea Tree. The client should wash eyelashes thoroughly at home before their lash appointment, or make-up removers / protein remover can be used by the lash artist using Lip Gloss Wands. It is very important that the eyelashes are thoroughly rinsed with water from the remainder of the make-up / protein remover product before arriving for their lash appointment.


The stylist should have products for disinfection of hands, surfaces and tools in her trunk. The tweezers should be stored in a plastic box or it is acceptable to store clean disinfected peels in a case.

We recommend disposable small wipes (Alcohol Pads) to clean the application tools

Disposable Products (caps, masks, gloves, micro-brush applicators, eye pads)

Securing the workplace, head, hair and forehead of the client is the basis for a clean and professional work area of the artist. The bed should have a disposable underlay (paper, fleece or liner).

Products for degreasing and preparing eyelashes must be disposable:

Micro-brush Applicators (ideal for cleaning the space between eyelashes, they can be easily bent to get into inter-row gaps)

Lip Gloss Wands (larger, ideal for degreasing and applying remover on eyelashes)

Wooden spatulas (perfect for draining excess amount of degreasing product, we apply them under natural eyelashes so that the product does not get into the eye of the client)


A one-time apron is not required for the eyelash application; however it is always worth having a cosmetic or tied back fabric. This proves our professionalism and cleanliness in the workplace.

Client comfort (pillow and blanket)

During the application, the client may be cold, it would be important for the client to feel comfortable during the treatment because her body will cool down while lying down. A client’s pillow should be placed under the neck (like our Ergonomic Lash Pillow). A well-shaped pillow should support the client’s neck and slightly tilt the head back, be soft and the sides of the pillow higher to allow the stylist lay down her application tools on the sides.

Protecting the lower eyelashes ( eye pads, tapes)

A lot depends on the protection of the lower eyelashes. Properly taped bottom eyelashes will protect the client from unwanted gluing of eyelashes, red and irritated eyes and will also prevent the client from watering during application. The protection of the lower eyelashes can be done in the open eyes (the client looks ahead, not too high up, because later the petal can move above the waterline) or in closed eyes (this is my favorite way of securing the lower eyelashes I teach my students on each It eliminates tearing and clenching the eyes of the client, fear of stylist’s hands and “entering” the petal on the waterline of the eye). To protect eyelashes we will use:

Lint Free Gel Eyepads

Transpore Tape – with less glue than the “pharmacy” tape. Perfectly holds the eye pads and secures the space between the eye pads and the eyelash waterline. Also works well for working with corners

 Eyelash extensions glue

We chose eyelash glue based on 3 factors: temperature, humidity and pace of the stylist’s work. For beginners, we recommend the Standard Bond SKY Glue, then for the more advanced artists for achieving optimal work rate we recommend the Ultra Bond SKY Glue.

Preparation of the glue (glue, slide, plastic stickers, box for holding the glue/ insulation bags )

The glue drops should be poured onto the glass / jade stone, on which there is a sticker thanks to which the drop of glue will retain its properties for a longer time. We store glue in special heat-insulating bags or vacuum boxes (it’s worth pouring in a few grains of rice).

Eyelash Extensions Tweezers

Each stylist’s tweezers are individually selected based on length, curvature, style, pressure and colors

Simple tweezers – dedicated to the separation of eyelashes

Isolation Tweezers – dedicated to the separation of eyelashes (has a bend on the convexity of the eyelid)

Curved tweezers – ideal for applying artificial eyelashes to natural ones, it can be created by fans for volumetric techniques

Eyelashes (thicknesses, turns, lengths)

Each stylist should offer eyelashes of various thicknesses, turns and lengths.

Classic lashes: 0.15 or 0.20mm thickness lashes

3D – 6D Pre-Fanned Lashes – 0.07 or 0.10mm thickness lashes


8mm for internal corners

9-14 mm for gluing the right part of the eye, paste the longer eyelashes in exceptional cases

Curls:Eyelash Extensions Curl Types Chart

Softer/Lessor (B-Curl and J -Curl) twist that replicates the natural turn of eyelashes. Perfect for eyelashes growing up, or natural effects

Medium (C-Curl) Standard International Curl for a western shaped eye. The most versatile twist, ideal for eyelashes growing straight

Strong (CC-Curl) curled up, lifting the eye. Ideal for eyelashes growing down to cover the falling eyelid, lift the outer corners or correct the sad eye effect

Very strong (D-Curl) The most overclocked turn creating the Doll Eye effect. Perfect for eyelashes growing down

Additional products (Nano Mister, Coating Sealant)

Completion of the application should be comfortable for the client.

A Nano Mister is a small handheld device which sprays a controlled micro-mist of water from it’s nozzle. It is used in the lash extension application process after the extensions have been attached to the natural lashes, effectively curing the eyelash extension adhesive, and to cool the eye of the client to prevent tearing when the client’s eye is opened too quickly. Clients will experience less irritation from the adhesives. We recommend filling the Nano Mister with deionized water.

A Coating Sealant like the ‘Black Diamond’ by BLINK Coating Sealant offers a thicker, more vivid look and perfect for completing your eyelash extension application. This product not only increases bonding strength, extending the life of the lashes but it also leaves a lovely glossy finish. The Sealant dries with a black tint and protects the lashes from oil, moisture and dust. It is good for daily use. Great product for you as an “at home” after care product. The Crystal Drop CLEAR Coating Sealant is one of the best after care eyelash extension product on the market. This great coating sealant protects the adhesive from any kind of degradation and also holds the lashes into position.

Calendar of visits

At the end of the visit, it is worth giving the client a pass, in which we will mark the next appointment. You can add information about the promotion, your contact details, etc. Such a card requires the client to appear on the next visit.

It is worth to run your calendar, in which we mark not only information about the date of the visit and the client’s phone number, but also record in it:

Glue used

Length, thickness, turn and type of eyelashes used

The modelling effect

Information leaflet for a client from a eyelash stylist

Each client should receive an information leaflet on which he will find the most necessary information about the care of eyelashes, not plucking and picking in eyelashes and their daily cleaning.

The client should also find there contact information for the stylist and what to do in the case of allergy or incontinence.



Storing equipment, eyelashes and tools in one place allows the stylist to work on the move. Eyelash Extensions Kit Bags and Mini Cases are available in various colors and sizes.


A bed for a stylist eyelash

The height of the bed should be set so that the client would have her head at the height of the stylist’s chest. If we work in a cosmetic chair and the area within the head is too small, you can turn the bed and arrange the client so that the head is in line with the legs. The stylist should sit in a position to relieve the spine, without tugging and crossing legs.


A chair for the lash artist

According to physiotherapists, the healthiest is sitting on “saddle” or “kneeling” chairs. Cosmetic chairs are often subversive and unprepared, which makes the lumbar spine even more problematic. The chair should be stable, reasonably hard and require working in the straightening position of the spine.


Lamp for eyelash extensions application

Lighting at work should be bright, not glaring in the eyes, preferably white or slightly yellow light. The lamp should not heat up and create shadow-free conditions for work. We do not work with table / desk lamps. Below are the most recommended salon lights

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