The idea is to give skin a natural glowing-from-within look, instead of dusting on frosty shimmer to sculpt the face. Highlighting is an accompaniment to contouring, and both complement each other to help sculpt and define the bone structure of your face.

Glass skin in PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP ARTISTRY, however, is the kind of highlighting that involves all-over sheen which is brightest at the cheek, and makes the cheeks look more pronounced and healthy. Hence, it’s much more natural and softer than a harshly contoured and highlighted face.

Glass skin in PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP ARTISTRY is about luminous skin, and you can’t get that look without the right skincare. So, before applying makeup, make sure you use a great face oil or serum.

Then it would be awesome to use a moisturizing primer so that your face doesn’t look cakey and dull once foundation goes on. Avoid mattifying primers!

When choosing a foundation, go for one which gives your skin a dewy, skin-like finish instead of using a mattifying or drying foundation.

To get that all-over glow, use a shiny highlighting cream or liquid. The best way to do this is to mix it in with your foundation so that it’s an even application and shows through with your foundation. However, you can also apply it on bare skin after priming your face, but only if you’re going to be using a sheer or light-coverage foundation that lets the cream shine through.

Using a liquid or cream highlighter helps your skin look more naturally glowing, since such a highlight spreads on the skin subtly instead of sitting on top like powder highlighters.

For this look, you can’t use a frosty or pearlized highlighter, so stay away from powders which say ‘strobe’, because that usually means shimmery or glittery highlighters with visible particles which won’t work. What you need is either a finely milled, tightly packed reflective pigment, or a loud and seamless liquid highlighter. The look these give should be foiled, metallic, or oily and wet-looking.

If you’re scared of outright highlighting your cheeks, be it due to large pores in the region, or just general dislike for loud highlights, don’t worry. You can still get the Glass Skin in PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP ARTISTRY look. Use an illuminating blush instead.

We say this because cheeks are one place where you use a lot of coloured products: contour, bronzer, blush, and highlighter. Sometimes, too many colours can make the whole look muddy. So, combining the blush and highlight in one helps keep things meshed in. What better way to do this than with a slightly shiny blush?

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