What is trending in haircuts in 2023? The bob hairstyle is here to stay.


With working from home fading, as Covid-19 restrictions come to an end in South Africa, women are turning to an easy-to-wear, easy-to-maintain, natural hairstyle as they return to office-based work. Women have less time to spend on their hair in the mornings. The Bob is a classic solution for all women and trending all over the world in 2023, according to experts in the HAIRDRESSING / COSMETOLOGY industry. Bob’s haircuts are exactly what a woman needs. Once you find a routine that works for you, the bob haircut becomes the low-maintenance hairstyle that you’ve been searching for.


But which Bob hairstyles are hot hits in 2023?

Short, or even shorter, bobs vary from pixie styles to short undercuts. Depending on your preference, you could even go for a longer bob haircut.

Here are some of the 2023 Top Bob Cuts

The Chopped Bob

For thick hair, the natural-looking, choppy, unstructured, layered looks are the way to go. Jenna Ortega debuted this choppy bob which has made it a hit style to enter 2023 with.

Blunt Bob Cut

For finer hair, aim for blunt-cut, full-bodied layered looks. Maya Hawke, who portrayed the role of Robin in Stranger Things season 3, rocked this look, making it popular for all Stranger Things fans.

Box-Braid Bob         

Curly hair? Rock your locks by keeping them natural or braided. Box braids finished off in a bob hairstyle adds dimension to super curly looks. To add a younger, more playful vibe to this look, add multicolored beads to the ends.

Pushed-Back Bob Braids

Pushed-back hair, the sister to the Box-Braid Bob is effortlessly cool. This breezy look is perfect for any woman looking for something simple and low-maintenance. A HAIRDRESSING / COSMETOLOGY expert will be able to create a professional look for you.

When in doubt, consult a qualified HAIRDRESSING / COSMETOLOGY consultant, but know, with a bob haircut, you are sure to look hot, celebrity or not.


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