If you’re seeking a drastic change, the consensus has it that bobs and bangs will take over in 2023. Curtain bangs, bobs, and classic ’90s layers are becoming classic looks that experts say will continue to be huge for years to come.

The Butterfly Cut

butterfly cut has long, feathery layers, and is
surprisingly low maintenance. It has a mixture of
both long and short layers. This is the perfect
effortless layered look that works on all hair
textures. To style this cut, use a volumizing spray
on damp hair and blow out with a round brush to
lift and add volume throughout.

The Short Bob

haircuts in general will be huge in 2023. But the
short bob in particular will take center stage.
This is a great haircut for those with thick hair
and can be styled with longer layers to keep the
bob in the right length and shape.

The Blunt Bob

blunt bob will remain popular throughout 2023
as people have become more daring with their
hair choices. This is a style that requires a big
chop, depending on your hair length, and really
adds so much definition and structure to the
face. Play around with your hair’s natural
texture and opt for undone, textured waves.
Grab a curling iron to curl hair in small sections.
Once your hair is curled, run your fingers through your hair to get that
“undone” look then add some texture spray to hold the look.

Curtain Bangs

curtain bangs are here to stay. These face
framing bangs are complimentary to many
face shapes so a winner all around. When
styling, use a medium barrel round brush
to blow dry the bangs away from the face
and give your fringe (and the rest of your
hair) the classic blowout look.

Bottleneck Bangs

bottleneck bangs take inspiration from
the neck of a bottle, starting slim and
short in the middle, curving longer
around the eyes, and then the longest
following the line of the cheekbone. This
will be the go-to bangs for many. Styling
them is easy and we recommend using
a no-crease clip to hold them in place
after blow drying to keep them where
you want them.

One Length

If layers have never been your thing,
you’re in luck. A “one-length” cut has
already started to trend and will
continue to be big in 2023. To keep hair
from looking too limp, try styling it with a
mousse for added volume.

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