2023: the year of daring hairstyles. From bright, eye-catching bright colours to two-tone cotton candy hair, informally known as “Gemini hair in the HAIRDRESSING / COSMETOLOGY field, is a hot trend in 2023.

Gemini Hair is named after the dual nature of the Gemini zodiac sign, this specific reaffirmation of the bright and bold hair colour trend emphasizes choosing two colour tones that are often on opposite ends of the colour wheel for the boldest outcome.

To achieve this look, a HAIRDRESSING / COSMETOLOGY professional will most likely have to put your hair through a dyeing or bleaching process, with minimal damage. As with any colour treatment, treatment and maintenance are of the utmost importance to ensure your hair colour lasts and your hair remains healthy. HAIRDRESSING / COSMETOLOGY professionals suggest you use a non-stripping, sulfate-free shampoo. Cool water is to be used to rinse when washing your hair as heat opens up the cuticle, causing the colour molecules to be removed easily. Deep conditioning your hair will assist to keep it strong and moisturised, as dye chemicals can dry out your hair, causing them to become brittle and break.

So leave behind the subtle colours of 2022 and make 2023 brighter and bolder!

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