A finger wave is a method of setting the hair into waves. This was very popular in the 1920s and early 1930s and again in the late 1990s in North America and Europe.

Finger waves are a type of hairstyle done by forming S-shaped waves evenly using hair gel and fingers or hot tools. What a great way to create a glamourous powerful statement!

Reimagined for modern times, this signature style in hairdressing from the 1920s never disappeared from the red carpet! We have seen many celebrities support this look.

Most HAIRDRESSING stylists have been creating various ways of getting a luminous, soft waved pixie cut that shows beyond doubt how versatile this look is – whether you have short, long, natural, or straight hair, you can rock high-fashion waves even in the comfort of your home!

If it’s a fancy occasion like a costume party, or simply anytime you feel your tresses are too flat, all you need is a curling iron, your best brush, and lots of gel / hair spray for a sleek, glossy finish.

Another option is to use your fingers to press and mould sections of your hair if you want that authentic vintage feel!

HAIRDRESSING allows you to be expressive and learn methods of creating special effects and looks. Finger waves are going to keep on reinventing themselves, with the growing need of finger waves being in such demand it creates a chance for the novice or experienced hairstylist to adapt their skills and keep up with HAIRDRESSING trends in general.

Modern finger waves can be upgraded with pastel or neon colours. Finger waves only along the hairline and natural curly or straight texture in the back are a more popular choice today.


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