Are you looking for the hottest hair trends in HAIRDRESSING this year? Do you want to know which hairstyles, cuts, and colors are hot right now? If you answered yes, then this is exactly where you need to be.

The crazy part is that pin curls on natural hair is now the latest trend. These pin curls hit the peak in the 1930s and lost its charm over the years. However, in recent years they have once again found their place in the most trending and fashionable hairstyles.

There are two important reasons why pin curls are preferred in hairdressing. The first is most obviously the spectacular style it brings along. And secondly, the advantage of not having to use a hot iron on your hair so damage is minimized.

Most clients are always on the lookout for the latest trends in HAIRDRESSING, hairstylists are bringing back niche hairstyles done for celebrities that are vintage inspired. Pin curls are in fashion, regardless of your hair length or texture, your face shape or skin tone, or even your age.


We will let you in on a little secret……

Most of the hairstyles from all the way back to the 50’s are back in fashion! It’s the return of 1960s beehives, but with a modern twist, and working this year’s hottest hair colours (super boosted copper and nude cashmere blonde). Some top experts in the field are expecting volume! It’s not so much about width at the top and the sides, it’s more about thickness, and super luxe hair than being totally retro.”

“Colour in 2022 is going to be about transitioning back to natural tones but leaving a hint of colour in. People are opting for warmer colours across reds, coppers, and honey blondes for the winter months. Copper is a great way to transition from blonde to a deep auburn colour, and just like honey adds a golden, buttery tone to soften bright blondes.’

With all these upcoming trends for 2022, be sure to not miss out and have fun with them, whether you are a novice hairdresser, or you want to be part of the trend.

HAIRDRESSING is a way of being expressive, creative, and providing hairstyles and colour that make your client feel and look beautiful.

Join our HAIRDRESSING COURSE today and become part of this fantastic career!

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