What is reflexology?

Reflexology is one of the popular treatments in HEALTH AND SKINCARE – SOMATOLOGYBEAUTY THERAPY. Zone treatment, another name for reflexology, is an alternative medical procedure that involves applying pressure to particular areas on the hands, feet, or ears. Without using any oil or lotion, this is accomplished using thumb, finger, and hand massage techniques. Based on a fictitious system of zones and reflex areas that claim to mirror an image of the body on the feet and hands, the theory behind it holds that working on the feet and hands will physically alter the portions of the body, and somatologists/health and skincare therapists used this treatment to address and treat a lot of conditions.

Reflexology is based on the pre-modern Chinese concept of qi, or “vital energy.” This idea holds that each person has qi flowing through them. Qi is blocked in a stressed person’s body. This may result in an unhealthy imbalance in the body. The goal of reflexology is to maintain the body’s healthy, balanced qi flow.

According to Chinese medicine, various bodily parts correspond to various pressure points. To decide where to apply pressure, BEAUTY THERAPISTSHEALTH AND SKINCARE THERAPIST who studied SOMATOLOGY use maps of these locations on the hands, feet, and ears. They have the belief that when they touch someone, energy travels through their body till it reaches the spot that needs to be healed.

Why should one consider reflexology?

If you studied SOMATOLOGY – HEALTH AND SKINCAREBEAUTY THERAPY you can consider reflexology as a field of practice because numerous types of research suggest that reflexology may improve rest and sleep while reducing pain and psychological symptoms including tension and anxiety, which then becomes an excellent treatment for you to use when treating your clients. Reflexology can be a viable option if you’re looking for relaxation and stress treatment because it is also minimal risk.

What to expect during a reflexology treatment:

The BEAUTY THERAPISTHEALTH AND SKINCARE THERAPIST or a therapist that has studied SOMATOLOGY will first inquire about your health, diet, lifestyle, and any ailments you may have in order to get to know you and determine whether reflexology is a good fit for you. They’ll use the information you provide to determine whether to focus on your hands, feet, ears, or a mix of them. You can also ask any questions you may have at this time.

Benefits of reflexology:

  • Relaxation
  • Improvement of Your Nerve Functions
  • Improvement In Your Brain Power
  • Increased Blood Circulation In Your Body
  • Eliminating Your Body’s Toxins
  • Boosting Your Metabolism & Energy Level
  • Reducing Your Headaches
  • Relieving discomfort from Menstruation & Pregnancy
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