Right about now, we’re probably all in need of something to look forward to. It could be that major trip you’ve had to postpone for the past two years, the return of a highly anticipated TV show, or, in the case of all beauty enthusiasts, a new hairstyle! Maybe the start of a new year is your annual cue to switch up your vibe with a fresh cut, or your reason could be that 2021 was a difficult one and that you want to erase all memories, hairstyles included.


Either way, we understand, which is why we looked to several hairstylists for their thoughts on which looks we should add to our mood boards for the upcoming year.

Below, you’ll find 2022 hair trends which include some throwback looks that you’ll want to revisit, along with new hairstyle ideas that feature a mix of hair textures.



The verdict is in: “2022 will be the year of the chop. “The grown-out tresses of the past couple of years will be a thing of the past. Women are ready for a change and open to cuts that require a bit more maintenance.” If you prefer to ease into a more cropped style, Maine says that there’s not just one short haircut that will rule over others. “Any length from chin to collarbone will be on point. We will see them styled from sleek and shiny to bouncy and curly.”

As the name suggests, this mashup is a cross between a bob and a pixie cut. “The Bixie is more textured than a bob, but not as cropped as a pixie,”

“Long textured ponytails will also be big, as well as long dramatic braids”. “My best tip on creating this look is to tailor it to yourself. Finish off the style with a conditioning hairspray to hold all the hair in place. Finally, accessorise if you want to turn up the heat!”


In Conclusion

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