Are you looking to add a new massage technique to your spa menu? Do you want to earn extra income? Look no further, Rungu massage is a specialised massage technique that you can incorporate on your spa menu.

What is Rungu massage?

A Rungu is a smooth polished wooden baton, club, or roll (also known as a “knobkerrie”) made from Eucalyptus wood or other hard woods.  A Rungu can come in various sizes butusually range between 45 to 50 cm in length with a long narrow handle and large knob at the end of the stick. The Rungu is commonly used to massage with in the East African Maasai culture.



The Rungu Massage itself is a full body deep pressure tool massage that uses long strokes (with or without oils) with the aim of relaxation and stress relief, reducing pains and aches, soothing sore, or tired muscles, improving blood circulation, and stimulating lymph drainage and muscle toning. Both the handle and knob of the Rungu stick may be used to give the massage treatment.  It is evident that there are many similarities between Rungu massage and the traditional Bamboo stick massage. This is a great massage if a therapist has got weak wrists, as you can assert deep pressure without putting strain on your body.


We offer Rungu massage techniques in our HEALTH AND SKINCARE / MASSAGE TECHNOLOGY / MASSAGE THERAPY COURSES. Why not broaden your massage skills and learn this valuable technique?



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