As massage therapies expanded in popularity, so did the human need for creating innovative massages…

The fire massage (huǒ liáo) is considered a folk medicine by the Chinese and Tibetans. This teeth-clenching massage helps regulate the balance of cold-hot temperatures in the body. It is a method used to heat large areas on the body rather than individual points. It relieves areas affected by joint and muscular pain, reduces stress, and helps in weight loss.

One of the reasons for using fire is that extreme heat triggers an adrenaline response, which can shift your body’s chemistry, improving some symptoms like indigestion and slow metabolism.

You are probably wondering, what does this “dare devil” Fire massage procedure entail?

The procedure is to isolate the skin with a warm wet and wrung towel. A solution of isopropyl alcohol diluted with water is lightly spread over the desired area and then ignited for a series of seconds or until the patient is ready, subsequently it is put out with another warm wet towel. The procedure is repeated until the desired heat fills the body. This massage is particularly beneficial to heat large areas of the body to bring internal heat to the body, to heal muscular pain or contractures in the back, better yet, fire massage can be used as a compliment to other massage therapies

What does fire therapy treat?


Fire therapy is known to be used to treat various kinds of ailments like rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, lumbar disc hernia, joint sprains, tumours, digestive problems, gynecology, and andrology just to name a few… Sport stars started making use of this therapy to strengthen immunity for post-coronavirus games… no wonder this became an increasingly popular alternative medicine offered by various countries worldwide.

Fire massage safety

Setting fire on one’s body is of course a risky endeavor, which obviously raises questions about its safety. There is not much medical evidence to prove that it works and no authorized certification either. That said, fire therapists do need to follow certain safety protocols: the fire should occur at the right acupuncture point, there must be a wet towel held by the attendant right next to the open fire, and the fire must be extinguished immediately if the patient feels too hot. 

There is only one question left to ask; would you offer or go for this daring massage?

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