Whether it’s for glam, corporate events, or even for a plain selfie for that instagram post of the day, having nice lashes is now considered a must-have in any
PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP routine. Women are getting creative and instilling their own style to their eyelash routine.
There was a time in the not-too-distant past when your highlighter needed to blind out the sun, your eyebrows needed to look like Nike ticks and your eyelashes needed to look like they could fly away.

But post-pandemic, aesthetics have required less maintenance and emphasized skin care and wellness above all, with lashes taking on a more
natural look. So for some top makeup artists and experts, false lashes have fallen out of the limelight, while others are simply embracing the falsie’s subtle era. People are starting to opt for more of the ‘enhancing your natural features’ look, away from the overdone, super-glam makeup for everyday.

This isn’t to say people are ditching them altogether; they are simply seeking a more natural aesthetic.”
With sales of lash growth serums soaring, artists are seeing the return of fluttery styles. The new It aesthetic is an aspirational natural lash that is lengthy and full but above all believable

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