The key to fabulous day makeup is definitely – less is more!

Day makeup should be subtle and flawless, just don’t worry just because you are toning things down a little doesn’t mean the impact won’t be impressive. In fact, your daily makeup looks can be worthy of a runway, or a casual photo shoot.

Wearing makeup during the day can be a tricky affair, as there’s little room for error. The lighting can make even small imperfections noticeable. Thankfully there are many makeup techniques one can use to produce great daytime looks to enhance your facial features and make you look fabulous.

Here are some day makeup guidelines compiled by our PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP ARTISTS to keep you on point:

  • Avoid dark or glittery eyeshadow. This should be reserved for evening looks. Rather opt for a matte eyeshadow in a neutral color palette.
  • Go easy on the eyeliner! Use soft shades and only apply on the outer ¼ of the eye and blended, liquid liner and dark thick eyeliner should be avoided.
  • Switch up the smokey eye: swap the classic black for lighter plums, greys, and browns to create a subtle daytime look.
  • Go easy on the contouring. Contouring is a great technique to enhance facial features, however, heavy contouring tends to look harsh in the natural daytime light so keep it light and blend!
  • Choose a lighter lip color: Bold lips are certainly not an absolute no-no for a day’s makeup, but if you want to play it safe, choose a lighter lip with a bit of shimmer/gloss or try a matte lipstick to change it up.


To summarise day makeup should focus on soft shades and soft lines. Daytime looks don’t necessarily need to be boring; you can certainly rock red lips for a daytime event but keep the drama to either the eyes or the lips, not both.


At Hydro International we offer PROFESSIONAL MAKE-UP ARTISTRY COURSES where you can learn the art of makeup application for different occasions and events. Why wait, start your career in PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP ARTISTRY today!

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