Well known as electrical muscle stimulation, this treatment is used in HEALTH AND SKINCARE – SOMATOLOGY to tone and tighten the muscles of the body. This treatment is known under many trade names all offering a faradic treatment.

The great thing about this treatment that therapists in HEALTH AND SKINCARE – SOMATOLOGY love for their clients is that the client lies on the couch and the muscles are exercised for them. In addition to that, the treatment can treat muscles in one area creating an intensive effect. So for those of us who do not enjoy physical exercise, this is the answer. One important point, this treatment will not increase the heart rate therefore cannot be classed as a cardio-vascular form of exercise.


The treatment involves pads strapped to the area to be treated, the therapist treating you qualified in SOMATOLOGYHEALTH AND SKINCAREBEAUTY THERAPYSOMATOLOGYHEALTH AND SKINCAREBEAUTY THERAPYwill pad the area to be treated and the pads deliver a low faradic current into the skin and muscles stimulating nerve ending to provide a muscle contraction. The muscles will contract at regular intervals as selected by the therapist. The treatment is comfortable, and many clients find the sensation relaxing. It is necessary to have regular treatments to reinforce the effects. It is advantageous for the client to follow an exercise routine to reinforce the effects of this treatment.

Faradic muscle stimulation is not as effective as microcurrent. Inch/cm loss will happen, but not with the first treatment.

What is the difference between faradic muscle toning and microcurrent muscle toning?

There are many different types of muscle stimulation. Faradic was one of the first treatments to offer muscle stimulation. It will tone muscles but takes a longer time to achieve the desired effect. Microcurrent is thought to be a more enjoyable sensation in comparison to original Faradic treatments.

Microcurrent has originated in the medical field. When used for the healing of damaged muscle and surrounding tissues, the cosmetic effects became apparent. The contours were visibly lifted in the treated areas in addition to the tissue healing. The equipment has been modified for use by BEAUTY THERAPISTS or those that are in the field of SOMATOLOGYHEALTH AND SKINCAREBEAUTY THERAPY and has tended to replace the original faradic treatments in recent years.

There are a number of microcurrent treatments that do incorporate faradic type currently in the salons.

Does this treatment hurt?

No. Equipment varies in application and sensation from pulsing to an actual contraction of the muscles; it is a very comfortable sensation. The BEAUTY THERAPIST will ensure that the client is comfortable and explain the sensation prior to the treatment. There are many clients who enjoy the relaxation part of this passive exercise.

Faradic Treatments use an electrical current to stimulate the motor point(s) of a muscle with the intention of causing a muscle contraction without any effort from the client.  The purpose of causing a muscle contraction is to tone the muscle.

In SOMATOLOGYHEALTH AND SKINCAREBEAUTY THERAPY this treatment is used on the face, the toning effect on muscles can lift sagging jowls and restore a youthful structure to the face. On the body, toning muscles can help to streamline the silhouette, reducing inches off the physique.

Many muscles on the body can be treated at once, providing a full body workout in only 20 minutes whereas the same effect at a gym could require up to 1 hour.  The body can also be treated whilst other treatments such as a facial are performed saving further time.

After the injury, faradic treatments can be beneficial in building up muscle without placing pressure on joints. Faradic Treatments have also been used for stroke victims and those affected by the loss of muscle responsitivity.

The effects of Faradic Treatments include:

  • Improving the tone of the muscle(s)
  • Lifting sagging musculature
  • Increasing blood supply to the muscles, therefore, improving the function of the muscle fibers
  • Speeding up the body’s metabolism and burning fat
  • Reducing cellulite
  • Improving muscle condition
  • Stimulating nerve endings and motor points in muscles increases the brains awareness of muscles that have previously been offline
  • Working muscles in a safe way after injury
  • Increasing circulation to bring fresh oxygen and nutrients to the muscles
  • Improving lymphatic function
  • Shaping the silhouette
  • Reducing inches off the waistline
  • Toning muscles in hard-to-work areas such as the triceps and abdomen
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