SOMATOLOGY / HEALTH AND SKINCARE / BEAUTY AND NAIL TECHNOLOGY /  AESTHETICS / COSMETOLOGY advisors all over the world have noticed a new icon influencing the beauty and hair trends for 2023: Wednesday Addams. From her dark braided hair to her elegant and simple Goth style, and deadpan expressions, Wednesday has been trending on all social media platforms and all the beauty queens want her looks, even the runway queens have used her looks in their shows. But a lesser appreciated aspect of the look, her makeup, has come to the foreground with Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday being a departure from the severe one we’ve known, for one with a more current-day update. The fresh-faced, dewy, and slightly glossy makeup look is more everyday-friendly. It has a gothic flair without going all out.  SOMATOLOGY / HEALTH AND SKINCARE / BEAUTY AND NAIL TECHNOLOGY / AESTHETICS / COSMETOLOGY therapists say this beauty look can best be described as soft goth. The look incorporates a monochromatic theme using deep shades of black, plum, and brown on the eyes, lips, and cheeks to give an ethereal look.

Here is a breakdown of how to achieve this look: 


Contrary to the original Wednesday with her pale and ghostly complexion, Ortega’s Wednesday has some color to her skin. There is just a touch of coverage for even-toned skin, her freckles peek through for a natural finish. Recommendations include minimal foundation on the skin, as seen with a BB cream, or maybe even just concealer and powder. The face is then contoured with a matte bronzer for sculpted cheeks. Natural brown tone blushes are in, and colored blushes are out.


The subtle Goth eye look, together with her infamous stare, is a lethal duo. A soft, Kohl eye pencil is used around the top and lower lash line. This can be blended with a soft grey eyeshadow on the eyelid and a lower lash line to soften the black kohl. Add a wash of brown on the crease and add some mascara to the top and lower lash to complete the eye


Soft burgundy colours make Wednesday’s pout stand out. SOMATOLOGY / HEALTH AND SKINCARE / BEAUTY AND NAIL TECHNOLOGY / AESTHETICS / COSMETOLOGY therapists suggest swiping a dark plum or deep burgundy lip pencil all over the lips without a defined outline. The lip liner is then blended with a little bit of lip container for a bitten look. Should you prefer lipstick, go for a lip colour in the same colour scheme as your lip liner, but dab it on to soften the look.”

The Fringe

Wednesday has called the hair trend for winter 2023: the fringe which has already conquered celebs and is the trend hair look for this season. The fringe is full and barely open on the forehead, as sported by Jenna Ortega. The fringe should be worn a little disheveled.

The fringe is accompanied by long black braids. 

A SOMATOLOGY / HEALTH AND SKINCARE / BEAUTY AND NAIL TECHNOLOGY / AESTHETICS / COSMETOLOGY therapist, in conjunction with a HAIRDRESSING professional, will be able to assist anyone in achieving this iconic 2023 look.


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