Wow, Brows are destined to climax in the next 12 months. Eclectic arches were the top accessories on the spring 2023 runways.

The Wow Brow trends to keep an eye on this year are:

  • Pencil-thin arches
  • Geometric, metallic triangles
  • Bleached brows
  • Fake piercings

Though SOMATOLOGY  –  HEALTH AND SKINCAREBEAUTY AND NAIL TECHNOLOGYAESTHETICSCOSMETOLOGY experts predict ultra-thin, heavily tweezed brows will be back, not everyone approves of this look.

Off of the catwalk, celebrities have been taking peroxide to their brows recently to go with the bare-faced trend. Julia Fox, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner have been noticed with bleached brows on the red carpet. The look is becoming less shocking, and more normalized.

For those who don’t wish to go completely platinum, SOMATOLOGY  –  HEALTH AND SKINCAREBEAUTY AND NAIL TECHNOLOGYAESTHETICSCOSMETOLOGY experts advise you consider “lifting” your brows a few shades lighter, or using a brow gel in a lighter shade to give the same effect.

For a high-impact looks a full-on bedazzled brow with glitter in colors like red and silver are on the rise.

Lifted Brows are an essential 2023 add-on to the Wow Brow. SOMATOLOGY  –  HEALTH AND SKINCAREBEAUTY AND NAIL TECHNOLOGYAESTHETICSCOSMETOLOGYexperts create the impression of a “Lifted Brow” by combing the brows upwards or shortening/ plucking the tail of your brow. This gives a lifted effect on any brow. Tweezing the tail of your brow gives you space to draw the tail out straight, giving the impression of a naturally lifted brow.

Thinly plucked eyebrows and experimenting with the shape of your brows makes 2023 Wow Brows exciting. Swinging in the opposite direction of the bleached brow is the dark and thin brow. Don’t tweeze away unless you’re 100% confident you want to get on board the thin eyebrow trend as most of the time there’s no going back.

Eyebrow piercings are also making a comeback with the 90’s inspiration hitting the world in small ways in every trend. Eye jewels are used to give the impression of an eyebrow piercing, especially for those who are not 100% to having a permanent piercing.

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