A standard treatment couch is covered with warm water-filled pads as part of the hydrothermal massage system. You lay face-up on your back for the duration of the massage.

The original purpose of the hydrothermal massage device was to assist massage practitioners in the field of SOMATOLOGY – HEALTH AND SKINCAREBEAUTY THERAPY. During a traditional massage, the therapist is typically under downward pressure, which might strain their wrists.

The massage is less strenuous since the hydrothermal system enables the therapist to “pull” rather than “push.” Since there are no awkward face holes or crick necks to deal with, this unusual massage is fortunately also wonderful for spa visitors. It also makes it possible to perform deep tissue massages painlessly.

In SOMATOLOGY – HEALTH AND SKINCAREBEAUTY THERAPY hydrothermal massage is popular and preferred by a lot of therapists because:

A hydrothermal massage will:

  • reduce the strain on the muscles and joints
  • promote quick recovery from joint and muscular pain or strain
  • decreases back discomfort and enhances sleep

In SOMATOLOGY – HEALTH AND SKINCAREBEAUTY THERAPY, therapists also use this treatment for clients who are unable to lie on their front due to a disability, mobility issues, pregnancy, or another reason, a hydrothermal massage is an excellent option for a spa treatment. Anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable lying face-down on a massage couch may benefit from hydrothermal therapy.

For those who are uncomfortable turning over in the middle of a therapy session on a therapy couch, hydrothermal massage may be an option.

Your hands lay below the warm water pads, and your knees are slightly elevated to help your body relax. The warm-water pads are positioned to provide your back with optimal spinal alignment.

If you experience neck pain, lower back pain, or stiff muscles, a hydrothermal massage may help because of the heat from the pads (30–40 degrees). The therapist’s movements are more effective because the heat helps to warm up your muscles.

Your therapist will assist you into a seated position at the conclusion of therapy so that you can swing your legs off the sofa and place your feet on the ground.

A highly relaxing and healing form of holistic massage is hydrothermal. You can discover that while you initially feel as though you are lying on the water, you ultimately feel as though you have been lying in the water if you allow yourself to relax into the experience.

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