Vichy Showers are a really unusual technique to cleanse your body. The majority of people who take showers typically do it while standing up so that the water can run from head to toe. A Vichy Shower, however, would require you to lie down on a table while being showered with water from up to seven shower heads that were placed three feet above you, the Vichy shower is becoming a popular treatment in SOMATOLOGY / HEALTH AND SKINCARE / BEAUTY THERAPY because of the numerous benefits it offers.

When you’re ready, all of the showerheads will turn on at once, immediately drenching your entire body. You’ll feel at ease and start to appreciate the sensation as the water rushes over your body and out the drains. You will experience liters of water cascading over you in the most intense yet relaxing way for about ten minutes.

There are two methods for performing a Vichy Shower used in SOMATOLOGY / HEALTH AND SKINCARE / BEAUTY THERAPY. First, there is the standalone service, which allows spa visitors to use the shower only for its healing properties. Over time, people have come to value using water therapy to treat illnesses and promote relaxation, and the Vichy Shower is no exception. An essential component of conventional medical procedures is hydrotherapy.

Pressure and temperature are both used in Vichy showers to promote relaxation. A 3-minute warm shower is the first step, and then alternate streams of hot and cold water are used. The body’s circulation alternately moves within and outward depending on whether it is hot or cold. Imagine your body’s circulation taking on the shape of an accordion.

Your circulation is then further stimulated by the change from light sprinkles to strong streams of water as the temperature and pressure change together. The Vichy shower is considered to be one of the best treatments in SOMATOLOGY / HEALTH AND SKINCARE / BEAUTY THERAPY to improve blood circulation.

However, Vichy Showers are typically utilized as a component of a more extensive spa experience. In other words, they typically come as a package with other spa services where the client can take use of healthful goods like mud wraps and seaweed as well as body washes and essential oils. All of them are then washed off in the Vichy Shower, and the experience is then completed with a relaxing massage using a scented body lotion.

The use of Vichy showers is popular in SOMATOLOGY / HEALTH AND SKINCARE / BEAUTY THERAPY because of the following benefits:

  • Better blood flow
  • Cleanses the body
  • Enhances metabolism
  • Improves immunological function
  • Supports organ health
  • Tone and firm the skin
  • Relaxes tense muscles
  • Facilitates weight loss
  • Aids in promoting sleep
  • Reduces tension
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