The most popular trend in SOMATOLOGY/HEALTH AND SKINCARE/BEAUTY THERAPY is galvanic facials, which are also the simplest technique to activate your facial muscles. The advantages of galvanic facials, however, go beyond that. The low-level currents increase circulation, promote collagen synthesis, and reduce wrinkles. The muscles and tissues of the face are stimulated by a galvanic facial. It functions similarly to a non-surgical facelift to maintain the health and youth of your skin.

Galvanic Facial: What Is It?

BEAUTY THERAPISTS/HEALTH AND SKINCARE THERAPISTS/ those that have studied SOMATOLOGY refer to this process as a “non-surgical facelift” since it rejuvenates your skin without requiring surgery or pricking it with needles. Medication is infused into your skin using a low-level current in this procedure. In other words, a galvanic facial uses medium-amperage direct current to soften your skin, stimulate your skin cells, and penetrate deep layers of your skin with creams or medications. This is done to increase your face’s blood flow and hydration levels, giving it a more radiant appearance. Don’t worry, either. You won’t even feel anything because it is quite painless.

Those that have studied SOMATOLOGY/HEALTH AND SKINCARE/BEAUTY THERAPY, provide two types of galvanic facials:

  • Iontophoresis: This method involves applying a positively charged gel to your skin. A negative electrode is then either held by you or put close to your shoulder. The active substances applied to your skin are being pushed deep into the epidermal layers by a positively charged current that is now running through your skin. This significantly improves the effectiveness of every skin product you use moving forward.
  • Desincrustation: In this procedure, the keratin and sebum in your hair follicles are softened and emulsified using a galvanic current. It is a technique for getting your skin ready for the painless and safe excision of comedones. This method is followed by manual extraction. This is intended to simultaneously soften and deep clean your skin.


One of the primary indicators of aging that those that have studied SOMATOLOGY/HEALTH AND SKINCARE/BEAUTY THERAPY take into consideration when analyzing the skin is dullness. Your skin’s oxygenation is improved and all pollutants are removed with a galvanic facial. Your skin will glow after using this thorough cleansing method.

Reduces Wrinkles And Fine Lines:

Your skin can deteriorate with age and through repeated exposure to the sun and dust. You won’t even be aware that your face is starting to develop fine lines and wrinkles. Giving yourself a galvanic facial every now and again will tighten your skin, eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, and renew your skin. It helps to delay the onset of aging-related symptoms.

In SOMATOLOGY/HEALTH AND SKINCARE/BEAUTY THERAPY, therapists can tell when you’re stressed by the look on your face. No, I’m not referring to scowling and frowning. I’m referring to how stress affects your skin. Your skin tends to lose elasticity and sag when improper care isn’t taken of it and other outside causes are added. During the procedure, a galvanic current is delivered through your skin to assist tighten it. Your aging skin gets revitalized and becomes firmer as a result.

It’s impossible to deny that after each facial, your skin feels wonderful and rested. However, in SOMATOLOGY/HEALTH AND SKINCARE/BEAUTY THERAPY a galvanic facial is recommended because it has additional benefits than regular facials aside from relaxing. The electric currents stimulate your skin and allow lymphatic drainage. This enhances your skin’s inherent capacity to rid itself of damaging pollutants. The facial also removes toxins from deep beneath your skin, giving your face a brighter, healthier appearance.

Collagen and new skin cells are produced more quickly after receiving a galvanic facial. As a result, the old cells are replaced by the new ones considerably more quickly. Additionally, it encourages blood flow to the skin’s surface, which improves the flow of oxygen to your face. Your skin will feel tighter and more supple thanks to oxygen, which also helps it retain moisture.

That sounds good, doesn’t it? However, there are a few more things you should be aware of before making your appointment. A galvanic facial is not an option for everyone. Why? It’s because you are a poor candidate for this facial due to a number of issues:

 Avoid undergoing this procedure if you:

  • Possess a pacemaker
  • Are identified as having a cardiac ailment
  • Suffer from high blood pressure or epilepsy
  • Have skin abrasions, cuts, and wounds
  • Are pregnant
  • Having diabetes
  • Have body implants made of metal
  • Have varicose veins
  • Are taking drugs that thin the skin?
  • has recently had a chemical peel


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