In the SOMATOLOGY / HEALTH AND SKINCARE / BEAUTY AND NAIL / AESTHETICS / COSMETOLOGY industry, we were all kind of freaked out when we first heard the term “slugging,”. The concept of “slugging” means putting Vaseline over serums and creams to lock in hydration.

It is predicted that in 2023 we’re going to see more brands talking about layering skin care and trapping hydration, known as ‘moisture sandwiching’ or ‘skin flooding’, as seen on TikTok.


The benefits of “Skin Flooding, as explained in SOMATOLOGY / HEALTH AND SKINCARE / BEAUTY AND NAIL  / AESTHETICS / COSMETOLOGY include:

The primary function of skin flooding is to bombard the skin with intense moisture. This is especially goof for those suffering from dry and parched skin.

But how we go about it and the products we’re going to use?

This is where the 2023 update is. Tried and true ingredients like glycerin will be big in new skin-care formulas. It works brilliantly layered alongside hyaluronic acid, ceramides and niacinamide. If your skin is dry, look for glycerin ingredient over emolients.

The “flooding” aspect of the technique is achieved by layering skincare products onto freshly washed skin. This method creates maximum product absorption and penetrative efficiency.

 Hydrating serums such as hyaluronic acid and smaller molecule hydrators are better to layer on first as they ensure hydration is attained on a deeper level, while thicker formulas such as moisturizers layer the skin with surface-level protection.


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