Strip lashes are false eyelashes that cover the entire lash line with one pre-styled strip. They are a one-size-fits-all lash that can be cut to fit any eye shape. They are easy to apply, care for and If you love the look of long or voluminous lashes but you don’t want to commit to individual lashes then strip lashes are just the thing for you! They can be taken off easily everyday, meaning you have the freedom in choosing a variety of styles to compliment your PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP look every single day. Oh! And did we mention that you can repeat the same pair of lashes multiple times?!
It’s no surprise that strip lashes are by far the most popular false eyelashes on today’s market. Here are a number of motivational factors for you to wear strip lashes!

★ They can be applied from the comfort of your own home and do not require professional
help as individual lashes would.
★ Strip lashes have a variety of styles
★ Strip lashes are perfect for beginners, professionals, brides, makeup lovers, new moms
and women that are looking for an easy way to enhance their eyes.
★ They transform your look! Lashes have the power
to enhance your eyes and make them more defined,
opened and more elongated. Lashes are the finishing and final touch to your eyes whether you are wearing a little or a lot of makeup.

★ They Save You Time!
Lashes will save you time on your makeup application and will elevate your look without a lot of makeup! No need for much eyeshadow or coats and coats of mascara to look pulled together. One step with false lashes is all you need!
★ They are great for photoshoots!
Lashes make your eyes appear bolder and add great definition that the camera normally washes out. Zoom calls, Facetime, selfies and Google Meets meetings. Lashes will ensure that you are always camera ready!
★ Boost Your Confidence
When your beauty radiates from within, it’s a wonderful feeling. Wanting to match how you feel on the inside with how you look on the outside is only normal. Lashes have the ability to boost your confidence to new heights and make you feel unstoppable. It makes us feel like we are the best versions of ourselves when we have our falsies on!

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