Hairdressing: Hair tips, no matter the season!

Lets talk hairdressing…

As you may have noticed, the change of season can be so brutal to your hair. So getting your hair routine right can get a little tricky when you aren’t really sure what steps to follow and especially when there are so many different options for all hair types. So what are the different hair types we speak of?


Hairdressing: Hair tips, no matter the season! 

 Hair can be broadly categorized under the following types:

  • straight
  • wavy
  • curly
  • kinky

All these hair types have their pro’s and con’s, but all haircare routines have a few things in common. We have put together a list of tips of how you can begin the journey of keeping your hair health and safe:


Deep conditioning:

Deep conditioning your hair is a good way of fighting dryness and reviving it. Coupling conditioning with essentials oils like peppermint oil, rosemary or lavender to name a few can do wonders. Don’t’ forget to get a carrier oil that suits your scalp type to dilute your essential oil of choice.



To stop breakages and to make your life much easier, detangling needs to be your best friend. The regularity of this process will depend on your hair type. So remember to use the right tool so that you don’t pull your hair out.


Mild shampoos:

Getting a shampoo that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals is quite helpful as it will not strip your hair off its natural oils.


Soothing your scalp:

Using Aloe Vera on your scalp and hair is essential as it controls the production of sebum and soothes an itchy scalp. You can let it sit for 15-30 mins before washing your hair off with a mild shampoo but you could also leave it overnight.


Oil your hair:

This is quite helpful for people with dry scalps, oiling your hair regularly strengthens hair roots and nourishes your scalp.


Healthy diet:

Eating fruit helps feed your hair with nutrients and other essential oils, we’re talking fruits like: blackcurrants, blueberries, broccoli, guava, kiwi fruits, oranges and more. Stay hydrated, drinking water will help you keep your scalp hydrated, allowing you to flush out any toxins too.


Depending on your hair type, it may take a while for your hair to get used to a certain routine. Keep exploring your options and speak to a professional if you feel like you can’t get it right. Happy hairdressing!


Healthy hair saves lives!


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