Massages: Employ your hands and your heart

Massages have always played an integral part in cultivating one’s quality of life, with such a wide variety of health benefits ranging from treating disorders to positively attributing to mental health wellness.

This art form has such a rich history, that has managed to stay consistent over the years even though the teachings have been adopted by many different cultures. Massages have been gaining popularity over all the years as people realize the continued health benefits of the practices.

There are several types of massage that focus on different parts of the body or healing. So, depending on what part of the body you are trying to heal, a massage therapist would do just that – heal you by using their hands and their heart.


Hot-Stone Massage - Massage Technology


Hydro International College now offers a 6-month Massage Technology course, that focuses on popular massaging techniques such as:

This course emphasizes the theory and the practicality of the above mentioned massaging techniques which provides the learner with a holistic skillset in order to fulfill the role of being a massage therapist. Completion of this course will provide you with access to a large pool of work opportunities, locally and internationally.

Do I want to be a massage therapist?

So, how do you know that massage therapy is something that you would like to get in to? Here are a few questions to ask yourself! 

Do I like working with your hands?

Would I like to be my own boss?

Do I see myself working in a low stress environment?

Am I curious about the body and how it interacts with nature?

…then you’re on the right track!

Ready to become a massage therapist? Interested in the different types of massage therapy?

For more information about this course or how you can apply for this course you can reach a student counselor by using one of the following methods:


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