The revolutionary gel lacquer system stands as an unsung hero in the nail industry, transforming nails into a canvas of creativity, durability, and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Found in every beauty salon and boutique, this innovative approach has become a staple.

Back to Basics:

A gel overlay is the application of a thin layer of gel over natural nails or extensions, cured under ultraviolet (UV) or LED light for a resilient, glossy finish. This versatile gel acts as a protective shield, addressing various nail irregularities, providing unmatched durability compared to traditional nail polishes.

Lightweight and Comfortable:

Unlike acrylic, known for its heavy feel, gel overlays maintain a light and comfortable sensation on natural nails. The flexibility of gel allows natural nails to move without restriction, reducing breakage. Correct prepping ensures the thin layer adheres, adding extra strength.

    Inspiring Creativity:

    Gel overlays serve as a clear canvas, allowing for the creation of intricate artwork, from basic freehand designs to more complex techniques. They offer a gentle alternative to acrylics, preserving natural nails while providing strength.

    Timing the Turnover:

    Quick and effective application, along with efficient curing (hardening) under UV or LED, eliminates smudging and waiting for layers to dry. Gel overlays redefine long-lasting manicures, ensuring high gloss and shine without the need for buffing, filing, or drilling.


    With proper natural nail prepping and a quality product, no maintenance is required for at least three weeks. Rebalancing can extend the overlay’s lifetime by an additional three weeks.

    • 14-day wear without chipping
    • Everlasting shine
    • No buffing, filing, or drilling
    • Naturally thin
    • Easy application and removal
    • No post-service dry time
    • No cracking, peeling, or tearing
    • Irresistible colours for everyone

    In the fast-paced realm of NAIL TECHNOLOGY / HEALTH AND SKINCARE / BEAUTY AND NAIL TECHNOLOGY / BEAUTY THERAPY / BEAUTY TECHNOLOGY and self-expression, gel overlays have become a game-changer, showcasing their unrivaled characteristics and securing their role as a time and turnover-winning system.

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