In 2022 the Curly and Wavy look made a comeback for hair. All of a sudden these beautiful bouncy locks are seen everywhere. HAIRDRESSING / COSMETOLOGY professionals are sure that it is here to stay for 2023.

Women with curly tresses always look soft and feminine. Hence the perm comes back. Not too long-ago HAIRDRESSING / COSMETOLOGY professionals were not performing perms in the salon at all. In fact, hardly any perm products were available in the marketplace. Manufacturers are back as well, creating new even better fragrances with more protective ingredients for Perm formulations.

One icon HAIRDRESSING / COSMETOLOGY professionals always refer to is Salma Hayek who rocked the curly Femme look for a long time. Hayek is the epitome of voluptuousness.

That being said not only are females perming but the males are going for more volumes permed looks.

So if you are looking at jumping on the bandwagon and getting a perm done, research some of the options. Just make sure you consult a professional HAIRDRESSING / COSMETOLOGY practitioner to achieve this look.


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